How do affiliate payouts work?

Once a partner has completed KYB (Know your business) with MoonPay, we can enable them to charge an additional affiliate fee on top of the MoonPay fees - if they so wish. Typically, the added fee ranges from 0.5-1.25% and if at any time a partner wants to adjust this or the payout address they need to inform MoonPay's Partner Success team. 

Once you have generated at least $1,000/equiv. USD of commissions, we will automatically send the funds to the payout method of your choice (see list below). 

Accepted Payout types: 

  • BTC
  • USDC_ERC20 - Popular option. 
  • USDT_ERC20 

We process payouts monthly, during the 4th week of every month for the prior months' incurred fees.

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