My transaction failed and I never received a refund.

Transactions made via card

As soon as your transaction fails, we cancel the temporary pre-authorisation that was placed on your card when you first made your order — the funds never leave your bank account.

It normally takes up to 10 working days for your bank to erase the charge from your bank statement, so please reach out to your bank if you’ve been waiting longer than 10 working days. 

Transactions made via bank transfer 

If you sent us a bank transfer for an order and your transaction failed, we will automatically send your funds back to your bank account within a few working days if the bank transfer has been received and matched to your order successfully. 

For more information on your refund, please send us a support request and select “Bank Transfers” -> “My purchase failed but I didn't receive a transfer refund” in the drop-down menus. Please provide a transfer confirmation showing the transfer status, the beneficiary's bank info, and the sender's bank info, so our team can look up the bank transfer and refund it for you.

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