How can I verify my source of wealth?

Please upload an original photo or a PDF file of one of the following documents.

Screenshots cannot be accepted unless stated otherwise explicitly. All bank statements must be issued within the last 3 months.
Please make sure that your name, issue date and all document information are visible. We do not accept joint bank account statements.

You may upload one or more of the following documents as proof of your "source of wealth":

  • Salary: You’ll need to send us a copy of your bank statement, dated within the last three months which shows your salary being paid in. Additionally, you may also be asked to provide a copy of your last payslip.

  • Company profits: You’ll need to send us either a copy of: your company’s bank account showing the dividend payment or a copy of your personal bank account showing receipt of the dividend payment.

  • Savings: You'll need to send us a bank statement of your savings account (no older than 3 months). You may also be asked for additional evidence showing the origin of the savings you hold.

  • Pension: You'll need to send us a bank statement indicating your pension payment and indicating the name of the pension fund making said payment. Additionally, we may ask for a copy of your pension statement.

  • Cryptocurrency trading: You'll need to send us a ledger of cryptocurrencies bought and sold, as well as a bank statement showing the profit made. Additionally, you may be asked for a screenshot of the account/s used including the balances held.

  • Investments: You’ll need to send us a portfolio statement, dated within 3 months, evidencing the sale of your investments or for liquidation of investment portfolios/bonds/assets, a copy of a bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds.

Please note that by accepting our Terms & Conditions you have agreed to supply all necessary information about your source of wealth. 


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