I’ve sent a bank transfer but the order is still pending.

If you have waited longer than the expected processing time for bank transfers and still haven’t received your order, click the transaction tracker link you received in your email order confirmation.

The tracker will tell you if we’re waiting for you to upload additional information or documents so that we can complete your order. 

Please make sure that:

  • you have sent the transfer from your own bank account
  • you've included the reference number we gave you
  • you've sent the correct amount
  • you've written the correct recipient's name

If any of these fields don’t match, we might not be able to match your bank transfer to your order when we receive it, and this could result in your transaction being delayed, or even canceled and refunded.

If you think you have made a mistake with any of these, please send us a support request and select “Bank Transfers” -> “I've sent a bank transfer but my transaction is still pending” in the drop-down menus. In the request, please attach a bank transfer confirmation showing the sender's name and the IBAN, so our team can investigate it further. 

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