How can I buy cryptocurrency using MoonPay?

Just visit or one of our partner wallet applications, select a cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu, and enter how much you’d like to purchase in your currency of choice (e.g. New Zealand Dollar). 


If you’re using, next you’ll be asked to enter your wallet address. Make sure you enter a wallet address that is compatible with the cryptocurrency you’re purchasing, and that you alone have control over.


If you’re using MoonPay through a partner wallet application, your wallet will automatically pass us your correct wallet address, and so you don’t need to tell us where to send your cryptocurrency.

Once you’ve read and agreed to our Terms of Use and the agreed rate of exchange, tick the box to agree and click “Buy Now.” 

That’s it! We will email you an order confirmation and link to our tracker, where you can monitor the status of your order in real-time.

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