I accidentally sent cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to help or refund you if you’ve sent your cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address, as we don’t have any control over your wallets or any address you send your cryptocurrency to.

If you've accidentally sent the crypto to our liquidity provider's wallet address (the address you originally received your cryptocurrency from), please send us a support request and select "Transactions" -> "I've sent my cryptocurrency to the wrong address". Please confirm the following in the request:

  • transaction hash of the deposit to our liquidity provider's address
  • refund wallet address (it has to be an address you've used with MoonPay in the past) 

We will confirm the transfer and provide instructions on how to retrieve your crypto. 

Note: we may not be able to assist you if the original order was facilitated via one of our partner's platforms. If you placed an order directly via our widget and then sent the crypto back from where it was dispatched to you - we might be able to assist you with that issue.

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