Wallet Details FAQ

We have a convenient account feature - "Wallet Details" - designed to provide you with a clear and comprehensive view of your wallets. This enhancement empowers you to make faster and more informed decisions regarding your crypto assets.

With Wallet Details, you can easily obtain an overview of your tokens. Enjoy the convenience of a detailed breakdown, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of your balances within specific wallets.

You now have easy access to your transaction history, per wallet, enabling you to review and manage your crypto with confidence. And when it comes to topping up your wallets, we've streamlined the process for a seamless experience, ensuring you're always well-prepared for your next crypto venture.


How do I access the Detailed Wallet View for my specific wallet?

    • You can click on the wallet card on the homepage of the MoonPay Account. There is also a “Wallets” heading in the left hand navigation bar that will take you to a summary page of all your wallets. Clicking on the wallet cards here will also take you to the detailed view.

Can I view the balance of my tokens in a different currency?

    • Yes, you can adjust the currency in the settings page of the account. Click on your username in the top right hand corner, then click on "Settings", and "Change currency".

Why can't I see all of my wallets?

    • Wallets are only displayed if you have made a transaction through MoonPay into the wallet.
    • Please check if you may have a duplicate account with us, where the wallet is displayed.

Is there a limit to the activity history I can view on the Detailed Wallet View?

    • Only transactions done through MoonPay are shown.

How do I add funds or top up my wallet using the Detailed Wallet View?

    • You can easily top up using the “Buy” button in your detailed wallet view.

Can I export my transaction history for tax or record-keeping purposes?

    • Please navigate to the widget on moonpay.com/buy and click on the hamburger icon on the top right, then click "Trade History" and "export all transactions as CSV".
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