What blockchain does my MoonPay Account Wallet support?

Your wallet supports assets on Ethereum and Bitcoin currently - you can expect us to rollout Polygon support soon!

All transfers from your MoonPay wallet require a payment in crypto (network fee). The network fee is charged by the blockchain directly, the amount charged may vary and will be displayed to you during the transfer process. You can read more about network fees here.

Please keep in mind that the fee charged vary depending on which MoonPay wallet you are using, BTC or ETH.

  • BTC: The fee will be charged in BTC, to transfer your crypto to another wallet

  • ETH: The fee is charged in ETH, even if you're trying to transfer another ERC-20 token. Please remember, if you're trying to transfer USDT, PEPE, or APE. You will still have to pay the fees in ETH

The fee is based on the blockchain network conditions and will be displayed in the widget before you can conclude the process.


Please make sure your max transaction amount includes the specified network fees before placing your order.


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